About Us

Algin Office (formerly Elgin) has been located in Downtown Cincinnati for over 45 years. Starting out selling guns and typewriters, Algin Office now specializes in used office and residential furniture. From used desks to hotel furniture, Algin has 7 floors you can tour to find what you want. Algin Office also sells office supplies and has been serving downtown law firms, Hamilton County Courts and retail businesses for several years now. About 6 years ago, Algin Office opened up Algin Retro at the corner of 8th & Main to specialize in modern, retro inspired furniture and vintage pieces. Algin Retro also supports local artists and sells their work with enthusiasm.

Take the 7 floor tour of Algin Office and see what kind of gems you can find!


“The furniture is installed and looks great. The men did an excellent job as well. I know where to come for furniture in the future and of course will refer anyone else to you when possible.”
“Thank you so much for the pics, info and customer service. I talked to several companies that had these tables and refused to purchase them due to the rudeness of their sales associates. I would have bought this one even if the purchase price had been higher just for that reason. I certainly appreciate all the help and attention that you guys have given. It really means a lot. Your company has one of the best customer services I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.”
“I’m very happy with the red barstools I bought. You did an excellent job wrapping them up & they stayed dry in the pouring rain. I’ll be back for more shopping!”
“We’re really enjoying our new chairs and sofa!”